seeing the midwife I had throughout my pregnancy with lucas

Today I saw the midwife I had throughout my pregnancy with lucas, I was hoping I would get her through this pregnancy as she was great last time and we had bounded,plus she knew everything therefore it would have made things a lot easier in the long run.

Anyways as soon as I walked through the door you can tell when she looked at me that she recognised me straight away and that was great It shows they don’t just forget about you, even 3 years down the line! So it was nice to catch up and have her to do the checks on me again 🙂

So after having a few down days and stressing over movements that has really helped me to be a little more relaxed again.

2 weeks today is the day I am being Induced! She has told me to go in expecting it to be prolonged rather than going in hoping they can break my waters straight away as that will more than likely be the case so she wants me to be mentally prepared for that. I am a little sad that the chances of having a quick induction are slim but I need to be realistic about things otherwise I won’t have the mental state to cope!

I still haven’t Finished work yet, my last night shift is 2 days before I go in to be induced, people may think that’s really late but the later the better as staying at home with all the time in the world will only put my mind into overdrive on negative thoughts




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