So the nursery is up and painted too 🙂

I thought I would give the other half something positive to do to be more involved with the preparing of the baby so I set him the task of decorating the nursery how he wants it 🙂

Looking back it was a very daring and brave decision to make as the colours he picked weren’t exactly what I had in mind or what we were discussing prior to him doing it but it’s growing on me now.

When I came home from work it was all painted he picked an orangey/brown colour for one of the walls and a grey colour for the rest and my worst nightmare was that he painted the skirting and door frame grey aswell! That will never grow on me it needs to go back white

The next day he even put the nursery furniture up and put all the bedding on etc which surprised me as we planned to wait until two weeks before our induction to put it up, I think it all gave him the positive boost he needed and I would say it made him excited about the baby ! So even though I haven’t loved the colours I’m happy to look at it and get the reminder that it helped him through this process

I surprised myself when I saw it all finished as I thought it would make me nervous and anxious as we had the cot etc up and everything was ready and waiting for lucas, but this time  because we are in our own home and it is all new stuff it doesn’t feel the same or like dejavu which is great anything that separates this pregnancy from my pregnancy with lucas helps mentally.

I even bought a comforter and soft blanket when I went food shopping so I am definitely stepping in the right direction 🙂




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