4D scan

I had the scan at 30 weeks.

I was so nervous and excited, nervous because the day before the Consultant could not get a picture because the baby was lying right up against the placenta so I decided before I went to drink some full sugar coke to get the  baby moving to give us the chance to get a decent look.

This is new to me I’ve never had a 4D scan before and I loved the ones that the consultant does for us so I knew I would love this one even more because it’s solely for pleasure not for a check up if that makes sense. If I regret anything when having Lucas one of the things would be not getting a 3D scan with him, watching him move and his facial expressions alive would have been so precious.

You are allowed 4 people in with you so my partner came, my auntie and both my mum and mother in law . When we were in the scanning room we explained about lucas and told her we don’t know the sex of the baby this time so she made sure to stay clear of that area for us. We spent half an hour watching the screen as our baby,smiled, put his/her tongue out,pouted, rubbing their nose, hid their face, it was great! I enjoyed every minute of it and I was mesmerized by it all. It was definitely one of those stepping stone moments 🙂

To all of you wonderful ladies reading this I would highly recommend you having one of these done, yes some people aren’t a fan of what they look like on the pictures but that isn’t the best part, the best part is watching in real time your baby alive and moving and doing things it’s such a precious memory to have forever and you get it on a dvd so you will always be able to watch it over and over again 🙂

Here are a couple of my 200 (yes they gave me 200) pictures 🙂

xT8UOUq9s1on1InhPCfbEYN2POOp41L0hHPDkptBb6_XckP2YQ-RhANYvHSDu5hmEDGtng=w1912-h8321dZbz2CuPjCSizXBXjutpZu5UqJIQQiwhCY356tpXByUZmdfZE8dDH_CedJHlgf1KRiZPw=w1912-h832 i5Pu5xpyjzYMPo2G9TwXohC3joh0oQnv5XzvtlYswi2trFJmHf-_J3box3M5j_gZ4bPTaQ=w1912-h832 0BzN-rJ6215oSU2lZVWs0bkFiRTA jNXB8OjQ-01a_XWH7CnlEduGi9bVVbc6ONSThtRwWNwLwz68ViDlc9BLSrZ0NUG6IRfVyw=s190

I love looking at the pictures as it reminds me of that day and how amazing it was.

Stay strong baby mummy needs you here in my arms alive and pulling those cute faces again 🙂




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