Another meltdown!

So i mentioned previously that my consultant has given me dipsticks to check my urine for protein, yesterday I felt unwell and had nausea so I thought I would check my urine, I did and it came up with a plus so I checked it again thinking that may have been a dudd stick and that was the same, then i realised I have no idea what I was suppose to do when that happens, I called up the midwife who is part of My consultants team and she asked him for me. She came back and asked if I’d seen my community midwife yet as I was suppose to now be having my BP checked twice a week! …This is news to me I said no, so they told me to call MAU (yes my worst nightmare) and say that Mr young wants me In to check my BP, urine and monitor me and baby for a while, I was for once fine about it as baby was moving fine still, so I called them up and told them what I was told expecting them to say okay come up and we will see you as soon as we can but instead I got an arse of a woman turn round and say the consultant should not have given you dipsticks to self test, asked me a number of questions I explained my past history once again ! She didn’t seem interested at all, then she turned round and said well I suppose if you were told to come up then you can if you want but you will be waiting hours so perhaps go have some food and that first, then when we do eventually see you we will just check your urine and BP and if it’s fine let you go.

I was so upset after that call she made me feel like a paranoid pregnant woman who is wasting there time and didn’t need to be seen 😦 in the end when I went up to the hospital I went and found the midwife who told me to call originally as I really didn’t want to to go in to MAU explained what they said and she gave them a call to explain further when she came back to me she said the midwife she spoke to was the same, in the end I went up and she said if there were any problems to ask to see my consultant,  they put me In the corridor where I waited for 3 hours before anyone came out to fetch me, in that time my feet had ballooned and I had a mild nose bleed,  no one checked up to see how i was or apologised for the long wait I was just left there as though I was forgotten about, when  they finally fetched me my BP was 141/81 which is high for me, my urine had cleared with  no protein in and they did put me on for ctg monitoring, I had something to eat there and then they checked my BP again after the monitoring and it had come down to normal range again, the midwife who saw me then was lovely thankfully.

When the doctor came round to discharge me he started going on about how he can’t write down pre eclampsia even though I have swelling on my feet and a headache he said because my BP is now fine and no protein in my urine and that is the only two things they go by to diagnose you, I felt like saying I don’t bloody want you to write down pre eclampsia! I want you to write down I am fine! But the way he was talking to me gave the impression that because I lost lucas due to pre eclampsia I am now being paranoid about having it and he can’t write that I do when I don’t :-/ it baffled me because the last thing I want is to have pre eclampsia and I am not paranoid because of last time it happened because that happened suddenly and the amount of time I waited in that corridor if it was  the same as with lucas the baby would have already died by then! AND I felt the need to point out I really don’t like going into MAU so would not go in unless it was necessary to which he replied well who does!? And the fact I was fine to not go in that it was my consultant who wanted me too should of meant something…

I had spent all of my day up there, not being monitored but sat waiting in the corridor and there wasn’t that many others in there! I got upset when I got home i started to think I’m not going to test my urine for a while as if it comes up positive again  I don’t want to go up there again and I know if I have any doubts about movements etc I will give myself enough excuses not to call them… This made me upset the most because I don’t like it that much now and how they treat me over the phone that I’m willing to jeopardise mine and the baby’s life 😦 as they try to drill into me that I’m just paranoid and wasting there time 😦 this worries me the most !

To add to my torment I realised whilst I was there that when I’m being Induced it is MAU I need to call in the morning and they will give me a time to Come in or tell me to call back later if they are busy… If this is the case I think I’m going to tell him I want a section instead as there is know way I will call them and then be told to call back in the afternoon they are busy etc. It’s just messed everything up for me Completely just when  I thought I was getting my head around things 😦

I see my midwife on Monday so I am going to express my concerns to her (not that she help’s at all) and then mention them to the consultant when I next see him!

The next few weeks need to go by fast as I can’t cope with these people never mind pregnancy itself!




One thought on “Another meltdown!

  1. Oh rachael that sounds horrific. I know what you mean about making excuses not to call the hospital. I am dreading that first time I think i’m having problems and have to call them and go int o checked, because that’s how we found out my son had died. I hope your midwife can help you.


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