30 week scan

So i am now on countdown! Im in the last stretch to my rainbow

I felt like the last 4 weeks were the longest 4 weeks so far until I saw my consultant again. I need his calming fix! It’s like a drug addiction!

My other half came with me to this appointment as I planned on asking in advance the plan for the induction.

The scan was a bit of a flop this time as he was learning how to use the new machines they have so looking at the baby wasn’t as clear as it normally has been and this baby is stubborn born when it comes to scans and likes to hide most of the time. Well this time the baby Decided not only to snuggle up to the placenta but also Decided to drink and breathe In any fluid that was in between them! Naughty baby, he said because their isn’t any fluid between them they wouldn’t be able to get a good picture of the baby 😦 but I was laughing because every time the consultant tried to measure the abdomen the baby would decide that was the best time to start practising the breathing technique meaning the stomach kept going up and down 🙂 he eventually managed to get the measurements and most are above the 95th centile for 30 weeks. This baby was also measured at 4lb 1oz!  Getting big now, I’m not bothered about the baby measuring bigger and neither was the consultant because that tells me when I’m induced at 37 weeks the baby will be measuring 38 weeks so it’s a win win situation really.

As you can see very close to the placenta, it's a good job they don't have teeth in there!
As you can see very close to the placenta, it’s a good job they don’t have teeth in there!

I asked what will happen at the induction as I am petrified of labour after what happened with Lucas last time during labour and with the counselling waiting list never moving I haven’t had any help to prepare myself mentally so I decided the best thing I can do is find out exactly what happens now and I have 7 weeks to prepare myself for it. He said he will probably book me in at 37 weeks at the start of the week, they will check my cervix if it is soft and ready they will break my waters put me on a drip to kick start my contractions and I should have about 200 contractions and the baby will be hear! So in other words if it’s this way it will be a fast labour and delivery. If my cervix isn’t ready they Will give me a pessary to soften the cervix which could take upto 24 hours to work and then they will break my waters and put me on a drip to start Contractions.

I’m hoping I can do things the quick way the quicker the better for my sanity and to get this baby out safely as quick as possible so that it’s less time for something to go wrong in. That’s my logic  anyway,  I’ve tasked the other half to put together some nice relaxing and calm music  that we can listen to and try and keep me relaxed throughout.

He has also done another blood test for my liver and wants to test it every appointment now which is only two more anyway! He has also given me dipsticks to test my urine for protein  everyday and wants my BP checking once a week.

It’s getting close now and needs to keep going quick! I feel I am slowly sliding down into panic mode and hanging on the edge!

Next is my 4D scan that my auntie had bought for me! I am really looking forward to it but hoping that this baby behaves for this time!




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