29 weeks taking more baby steps

So i don’t know if you have all noticed but they have been having a massive baby sale EVERYWHERE and I felt a pressure that I needed to buy anything  I needed now whilst it’s all reduced. So i focused myself for a week on finding our nursery furniture, the first one I spotted was out of stock in every colour, then I found another one which was two tone and beautiful but the wardrobe would have been to big for the room, so in the end I decided to go for a set from kiddicare which has a one door wardrobe which means more space in a small room it should be perfect. When it has been delivered we won’t be getting it out of the boxes though not until the beginning of April earliest is the plan.

Over the past couple weeks I’ve been waking up In the middle of the night to horrible cramps in my legs! I’ve never had cramp before so you can imagine how traumatised I was the first time it happened! I couldn’t walk for days afterwards because it left a pain in the back of my leg, then to top that of they gave me the whooping cough Injection which resulted in a dead arm for days aswell! So I felt like a cripple for a while. Luckily I didn’t experience any of the other side effects from the injection I think I’ve already had my fair share of sickness the first four months of this pregnancy!

I am 30 weeks tomorrow and I am on countdown now…. only 7 weeks to go until I’m induced! I’ve started to get a pain in the left side of my left breast and Nipple it’s not just tenderness either, I haven’t started to milk yet so I am wondering if it could be that causing the pain!

I saw the midwife at 28 weeks, she did the usual checks and got that dreaded doppler out! To my surprise though she found the heartbeat straight away! Which helped a lot with the stress of having it done. What I was surprised about was the measurement of my bump on the chart it plotted just on the middle line which I know is normal but with the consultant saying all the baby’s measurements are a week ahead and weighing 2 lb 6oz at 26 weeks I was expecting it to be a little above the average.

The dove centre have finally called after having the nightmares they put me on an 8 week waiting list to be seen for counselling which is ridiculous in my eyes! From what they have said on the phone it looks like they are trying to get people of the list by creating a group counselling session Instead. At first it sounded okay but then I though, its like some form of aa meeting where you sit in a circle and one by one talk about your problems etc and everybody in the group supports you, I am not saying I don’t want to help others but I think sitting in a room of women who have experienced a recent loss in probably different ways than I have won’t help me one bit right now whilst I’m pregnant it will just add to my stress and anxieties, listening about all the different ways you can actually lose your baby, I use sands to speak to people who are currently pregnant and going through what I am but I haven’t looked at the main forum since being pregnant because it will just cause a breakdown and I will feel like I have every single persons loss on my shoulders to worry about. So how they could suggest the would be helpful I do not know! It was just there way of shortening the waiting list.

Back to more positive things,  I have my next consultant appointment on Tuesday I am starting to get nervous about it but baby has been moving more regular now so hopefully will give me a good kick before we go in for reassurance. I will be given dipstick at this appointment to check my urine everyday which will give me something to do so I feel like I am being proactive and not a sitting duck, I am also going to ask about the induction I want to know what the process will be, after losing lucas during labour I have developed a fear of labour but I am hoping knowing what to expect this time will help reduce that fear just as long as the labour isn’t prolonged for days! I don’t think I could be strong for that long.

I will keep you updated with what the consultant says




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