driving myself insane! ge

I’ve been trying to figure out some kind of regular movement pattern for this baby and it’s just not happening and that’s driving me insane!

I know it’s because I work shifts so regular anything isn’t in my life!  The reason it’s driving me insane is because one day when  I’m off work baby will be quiet then  yesterday this baby was over active and each time it makes me panic!  they say to mention if the baby is over active and also quiet so I can’t win! 😦

I really can’t get me head around it, I’ve mentioned it to the midwife and she said just try and do things to make baby move like  cold drinks, sugary things, warm bath all of which I do anyway and have so far had no affect on baby movements.

I’ve been able to stay sane so far but I just know it’s going to drive me mad as the weeks pass. On the plus side to working shifts is that you do still get lie ins and also the weeks pass a lot quicker since I work 12 hour shifts!

My next scan is the 10th March so it seems miles away but I know it will soon be here, plus I have a midwife appointment in between that aswell. 🙂

Trying to stay sane!




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