week 26

I am currently 26+5 weeks pregnant. It seems to be going fast and I’m so glad! It is a struggle and one hell of a rollercoaster ride! With its ups and downs. I have survived so far….and so has my baby

I saw my consultant this week for my usual appointment and scan and I was really looking forward to this one as he tried to show us the baby in 3D last time so I was hoping I would see the baby’s face this time 🙂 now that movements are frequently and very strong the anxiety and fear that I use to have before a scan has faded. It’s not completely gone as there will always be doubts and fears there but baby moving helps to keep my mind at bay..slightly.

The scan was amazing!  The 3D still picture may look slightly strange but watching your baby In full form moving around and seeing their facial expression etc is surreal, I never got to see lucas alive so I never saw any facial expressions or movements so if there is anything I regret It’s not getting a 3D scan. I will treasure these memories and it has helped me to connect with this baby even more, before I kept my guard up just in case and now I have seen the baby in 3D I want this baby home and I have some hope again.

It has helped me to start talking about this pregnancy and enjoying the pregnancy more, I even browse the Web for baby things (haven’t bought anything but it’s another baby step!)

They took some bloods to test my liver functions to see if there are any changes, I haven’t heard anything yet so I am hoping that’s a good sign. My consultant has told me when  he next sees me at 30 weeks he will be giving me dipsticks to test my urine and I’m going to buy a BP monitor to test that too. He has also said that he wants to carry on seeing me 4 weeks and the midwife to see me 2 weeks in between so that they have my BP every 2 weeks and of course he has told me to call him if I’m struggling and need a scan earlier.

We also discussed briefly induction I think I’ve finally made my mind up that I’m going to try labour before a section as long as everything is okay prior to the induction and as long as I have full support around me at all times to get me through it. I didn’t feel comfortable discussing it to much yet so we will talk more probably at the 34 week scan where no doubt I will get my date.

 To help stay positive I have decided to put myself to the test and bought some super soft material to make car seat covers and car seat swaddle blankets not only will it keep me busy but it’s something for the baby and I may even make others some too. But let’s not get ahead of myself and see how they turn out first! I may not be that good at it!

So back to the scan! My baby showed it’s beautiful face! And already has daddy’s nose! The consultant went picture happy and printed 5 pictures as this baby has been stubborn up until now.

The first picture
The first picture

20150214_190932 20150214_190916

My baby is now weighing 2 lb 6oz and measuring a week ahead (27weeks) which will no doubt go in favour for when baby is brought into the world at 37 weeks 🙂




One thought on “week 26

  1. The thought of seeing their facial expressions had me in floods. It must have been wonderful. I hope everything’s passing as quietly and uneventfully as possible for you. Xx


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