On the verge to another meltdown! bad week.

So the weekend started off well, I went to my first staffordshire sands charity event to help raise money and it was a fab night they raised over 2 grand which is fantastic!  We ma aged to win between us

A £50 voucher for quinceliving website

A newborn photoshoot

A family photoshoot

Scuba diving for 2,

£100 voucher for home made curtains

And we also bought some jewellery and scarfs from the stalls.

And it was nice to have a ladies night (although some of my friend miss interpreted ladies night thinking there would be half naked men or waiters!) ..don’t ask.. 🙂

One of my friends wanted to feel the baby kick but the baby was quieter than usual and only did the odd one or two kicks throughout the night, the next morning I went shopping to get some fabric for a new headboard and my sister has just moved house so she was decorating too. By the time I got home I was worried that I hadn’t felt the baby move all day. I told my other half rob and his reply was “you can’t just keep going up the hospital every time you don’t feel baby move much” ….I was not impressed with his comment that’s for sure. 1. I hate going up to the MAU at hospital so I would not go up unless I was overly concerned and 2. I sure as hell will go up if the babies movement are reduced because that’s what you are suppose to do.

I’m still not sure on my baby’s movement pattern and that’s what concerns me the most how am I suppose to check for any changes if I can’t figure out the pattern!? The baby moved a little throughout the night and I decided to just stay at home because I was still exhausted from the last trip I had!

The baby decided to reassure me throughout the night and started to move around and kick a lot so that helped to put my mind at rest..

I have my scan appointment tomorrow and I can’t wait for that sigh of relief you get afterwards it’s been awhile! And I’m starting to think what if it’s the 4 week wait in between scans that I’m struggling with and would having them a little more often help? It’s been a hard few days me and rob seem distant and that’s getting me down, he’s stressed over something and turns into this vile person so I could do with out that stress on top of everything I’m dealing with and it’s safe to say his stresses aren’t to do with me or the baby!

I have a to do list that’s never ending and get no acknowledgement of when I do things but then when I need a rest or a break I get nagged at that I don’t do anything. .. I can not win.

And to top of my horrible few days my kitchen was flooded because the washer had broke and rob failed to let me know before he went to work so I spent the day cleaning up the water, fixing the washing machine and getting a bad back! 😦 my working week is about to start tomorrow and I already feel like I need a break!

These are times when I really need that bottle of wine whilst I soak in a hot bath!!




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