The new community midwife

I had my midwife appointment yesterday with the new midwife,  she didn’t seem too bad. I found out that she is only temporary until they have assigned a new person to my gp surgery,  I thought that was typical! How many midwives am I going to see throughout this pregnancy!  I am just glad I have the stability with my consultant that’s all I care about not the midwife appointments.

Everything went well, BP was fine, urine tested fine and she found the heartbeat and that was it sent on my way. I was surprised though that I didn’t have my bump measured this time Considering I am now 25 weeks pregnant and the growth chart starts from 24 weeks.  So i think I will be asking the consultant to do it next week when I see him.

I was having a good day after that started sorting through my huge to do list and feeling like I was getting lots done, then all of a sudden i started getting really bad aching in my lower abdomen down in my pelvis which was twice as bad when I was standing, I was so scared because it was the same type of pain  I had when I lost lucas and nearly died myself. So I called  MAU told them about the pain and that it Is the same as last time and they didn’t seem to care that it was the same they were more interested in whether I have had reduced movements or not, the movements have been fine so they told me to stay at home and have some tea thinking that the reason I was having these pains was because I haven’t had my tea yet…. that really upset me, I felt like they were not taking me seriously and they just told me to take paracetamol. I hate just taking paracetamol as that to me just masks the problem, they told me to call back in an hour after having something to eat, taking paracetamol and monitoring baby movements.

I called back told them that movements were fine but I still had the pains and had to stay lying down, they then said I can go in to be checked over if I wanted…. Once I put the phone down I thought maybe if i try to go to the toilet it might be that.. and it was! I had one bad episode of diarrhoea then I was fine after that the aching wasn’t as bad and I could finally stand up! I decided I was going to go up anyway just to be checked over for peace of mind. I got there and they were busy so I had to sit out In the corridor for over an hour before I was seen, nobody came to check on me either, all I kept thinking was imagine if it was the same as last time and I was sat out here, this baby could be dead by now or I could have collapsed and nobody would know any different!

When I was finally seen i told them it had eased off now (didn’t mention the one episode of diarrhoea as that’s the reason they fobbed me off when lucas was dying) so I have vowed never to tell them again. Anyway they did the usual checks BP, urine test and heartbeat. I will say it again  I hate with a passion  that doppler!  It took her forever to find the heartbeat and I’m not over exaggerating either, she did apologise a couple of times and said I did hear it for a second then! Luckily the baby moved a couple of times during it so I didn’t Completely lose my mind! I was ready to go Home at this point, they said it could be baby lying low or it could be my pelvis and everything loosening up early!

So yes it turned out to be an eventful day after all! I try and avoid going to mau as much as possible as I don’t feel the checks are appropriate/thorough enough, in my eyes all a doppler does is checks whether the baby is alive or dead for that one minute it doesn’t tell you if they are dying or if there are any problems happening.

On a more positive note I did another baby step yesterday! I was food shopping in aldi and they have a baby event on 6 tommy tipee bottles that make it perfect to switch from breastfeeding to bottle only £8.99 and a mini blender also onlying £8.99

So that was my eventful day! Hopefully I will now have some peaceful ones ahead!




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