assessment results

Okay so I had a phone call about my assessment and they have said I don’t meet the requirements for  any secondary mental health support, which I guess is a good thing! I didn’t think I had any mental health problems anyway just anxious.

They said that they will review it when this baby is born as it may have changed then which is fine , I really don’t know what I will be like afterwards in worst case scenario or best case scenario. Although if I lost another baby I really don’t think I could cope.

They have told me to call the dove centre who deals with supporting bereaved parents. So i am going to contact them and see if I need counselling or anything really just to keep the anxiety at bay and also to help prepare me mentally for the day I give birth which I feel will be the day I panic the most!

So I have just called the dove centre and there is an 8 week waiting list!  I will be 31 weeks pregnant by then! I need the support to start now not in 2 months time!  :-@ this is one of the reasons I didn’t have much support when I actually lost lucas I was being passed from  pillar to post having to go through the introduction part and go through everything with every person only to be referred to somewhere else and then the cycle repeats itself! So let’s have a brief overview of this time, I had an anxiety attack and panicked saw the consultant and midwife who were overly concerned about the nightmares, they referred me to another midwife who I thought was a bereavement midwife, which turned out she wasn’t she just met me to fill out forms to be referred to the parent and baby assessment clinic, I then had an appointment there where I went through everything again to wait for the results of what help they can offer only for them to say counselling from the dove centre and to call them. So I call them and they take some details explain I will have to go through an introduction so everything I went through with the parent and baby clinic and then to be told It an 8 week waiting list!

Story of my life!  So now I am going to research my own ways of coping through the anxiety because clearly nobody is eager to help me so I will have to help myself!

I will keep you up to date with my progress and also try and share any techniques for coping a pick up along the way! 🙂




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