22 week scan

I am now just over 22 weeks pregnant, over half way there now…. Thank god!

I have started to feel more and more movements which is great as it helps to reassure me that baby is still ‘alive and kicking’ but on the downside if this baby ever Decides to have a long sleep it’s going to send me into a panic!

I had my next scan, once again seeing my consultant melts the fears away and the baby made sure to keep moving right up to when he was scanning me to keep me sane, (with a little help from  sugary sweets and a strong cup of tea!) This baby is very stubborn and doesn’t want to show to much of itself on these scans that’s for sure! The babies head is low down and facing my back adamant not to show it’s face! So we had a nice view of the back, hand and ear!

The consultant changed the screen to 3D which was amazing! Lying there watching the baby moving, the baby did a superman pose and was playing with its ear! 🙂 I loved every second of it and that confirmed to me that I am without a doubt paying for a 4D scan so that I have a video of the movements to keep forever 🙂

I love the feeling you get after the scan because for the rest of that day I feel like every other pregnant ‘normal’ person with no fears looming over me and just enjoying the moment, I treasure those moments because they don’t last long!  I am seeing the consultant again in 4 weeks time and then he will take some bloods to check my liver functions haven’t changed.

After a lovely relaxed fearless day it was obvious I would be brought back to reality with a bang! I had another nightmare, this time it was about the labour, because I always feel the movements really low I dreamt that I went into labour really early and I was in hospital with nobody realising the seriousness of it or even taking me serious and I just kept shouting and demanding my Consultant thinking he is the only person  who can calm me down and make everything okay!   Luckily I woke up before I dreamt anything worse or the outcome but it still lingers in your mind afterwards.  So now I feel back to square one and trying to focus on other things. The next appointment I have is with the new community midwife and I am dreading it! I hate the doppler with a passion and I’m really hoping this midwife is better than the last!

I’ve been booked in for an assessment on Saturday,  so I am a little aprehensive  about what to expect, it’s for the anxiety and the nightmares, they may be giving me counselling, medication and assessing me for PTSD. I am open to trying anything if it helps with the fear and anxiety.  The midwife told me when you get anxious your body starts to release steroids around your body and into the baby and they said that is bad for both of you. That was a real eye opener for me, I thought when people say don’t get stressed it’s bad for you and the baby that it was just a general thing not that you start pumping steroids around!

I will keep you up to date with the outcome from Saturday hopefully I leave with no medication but a lot of support and things to help keep me calm and relaxed!

 Here is the latest scan picture. Babies ear and back!





3 thoughts on “22 week scan

    • No I only see the midwife the same amount of times as the first time mums doo, no extra appointments so far and I’m not a fan of the heartbeat checks anyway as they don’t tell you if something is wrong they just tell you if there is a heartbeat or not and at that point nothing can be done to prevent it so I prefer to see the consultant and have scans with him where they can check the heartbeat and everything else, the heartbeat checks to me feel like a false hope so I would never trust them again after last time. X


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