buying things for the new baby?

One of the questions I have for people is have you bought anything for the new baby and if you have how far along were you at the time?

I’m not a superstitious person I dont think buying things or where you put them can impact the outcome of your pregnancy. When I was pregnant with Lucas my pram had to be at my sisters so my mother says because of some superstition, but we still lost lucas anyway so what good did that do!?

This time round I am that scared and possibly paranoid that I daren’t buy anything for the baby in fear that I’m jinxing myself, writing this I know I sound stupid but I just can not bring myself to buying anything. I think because of all the negative thoughts about losing this baby and not being able to imagine a happy ending it has put in my mind that if I buy stuff for this baby I am expecting to bring the baby home.

Don’t get me wrong I have still looked on the Internet for things like baby monitors and nursery furniture that I like but actually buying anything seems to be a no go. I suppose you could call me a coward as I have planned for rob to sort the nursery out on his own and lock the door shut so I don’t see anything like a week before I will be induced and then we already have lots of clothes etc that we had for lucas so I have asked if my mum and sister can get that out of the boxes and sort through it and put them away whilst I am in the hospital! I have literally thrown everything I need to do to prepare for this baby at everyone else other than myself.

Is it bad that I have done that? Do you think I should do it myself and it may actually do the opposite of what I thought and maybe give me some hope instead?

It has even come to the point where I hate my mother or people talking positive about the outcome as I feel they are now jinxing it too. I mean how do they know what the outcome will be? Not even the professionals can determine what the outcome will be never mind regular people!? So me and rob tend to talk very little about the future, every now and then when we have gained some hope and confidence we will have a short talk about a few things and the that will be it for a while. The only other time we talk about the baby is if the baby has kicked etc

This is the complete opposite to how I was when pregnant with Lucas it was baby brain 24/7 I would be thinking about the future all the time, constantly buying things for him and always thinking about nothing but lucas where as now I try and avoid all of that and try and carry on as normal, my logic for this is that if I don’t think about the future and the baby then I won’t worry as much, otherwise I will be having a constant battle in my head every positive thought will be followed by a negative and I highly doubt I could stay sane for much longer if I thought like that!




5 thoughts on “buying things for the new baby?

  1. Im ok with the vague idea of ‘having a baby’ but specifics are just way too much. The thought of packing my hospital bag with baby gros in it makes me hysterical. I’m being a bridesmaid in august and should have an 8 weeks old baby in tow and planning that just sends me into orbit. How do I take william’s memory box out of the nursery? Where will it go?! What do I do with all then boys gifts I got last time if I turn out to be expecting a girl? When shall i repaint? I have to regardless of gender as ive just sat and wept in that room for days and it needs to look different for my sanity. It’s a panic spiral I protect myself from. I guess i’ll do these things one at a time when I have to. People have surprise babies and they cope doing it all after the birth so I guess we’ll be Ok whenever we manage to face it!


    • I like your thinking you are right people with these surprise babies do cope, I think that’s why I’m having my sister and mother to rush around sorting most of it out whilst I’m still in hospital. I am also a bridesmaid just over a month after the expected delivery of this baby. I try and not think about It to much. It sometimes makes me mad that the happy times and the joy of being pregnant has been robbed from us…. like we haven’t lost enough already! And as for the hospital bag the thought now has made me feel sick! I think that duty will be passed onto someone else. Xx


  2. I think you speak for all of us with what you write. I’m not planning to get all the things we’ve got until they’re needed, things will probably stay in the boxes right up until I need them. Packing hospital bags will be very strange indeed, I’m not thinking about things like that just yet! I’m 24+2 and have bought 4 things for this baby and even that felt wrong!


  3. I’ve bought some new maternity clothes, that felt awful, like I was committing to this pregnancy. We are not buying any new stuff. Packing the hospital bag will be tough. Not sure how I’m going to manage that yet. A friend who is due in April says she’ll save us 5 or 6 newborn nappies and then bring more round once we’ve got the baby home. I just can’t face the idea of having stacks of nappies around, that won’t get used again.


    • I haven’t been to bad with buying maternity clothes as I need them with nothing else fitting anymore. I can not do the hospital bag at all that is down to my mum and I will never get the courage to do that. All our stuff we had for lucas has gone out of date, who would of thought that wipes go out of date!? They are still fine though so I’ll be using them probably for myself. All of that is at my mums aswell she can bring that over if it needs to come to mine whilst I’m in hospital x


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