The first scan

My first scan was at 7 weeks which turned out to be closer than I thought.

It turned out that I was already 4 weeks pregnant when my period was late as they go from the first date of your last period. As soon as I found out I started to think back to what the consultant wanted me to do. I had to call his secretary so she could arrange the early scan to confirm the pregnancy and then I had to make an appointment with my community midwife and gp.

The first appointment was with my gp I thought they would do a pregnancy test to confirm it but she didn’t feel the need to if I had missed my period, me on the other hand felt like I needed a million tests to prove it and still I probably wouldn’t believe them!  Then she gave me a prescription to start 75mg of aspirin everyday from now on until the consultant tells me to stop.  I had mixed emotions about taking aspirin, we all know it’s a blood thinner and that the risk of miscarriage is higher upto the 12 week marker so I was reluctant at first to start taking them, even the pharmacy questioned why I was given them and had to look it up! It seems that aspirin given from an early start can help reduce all placenta related problems. If this were the case my question is why isn’t everybody given it from the start then maybe a lot of us angel mummies wouldn’t be angel mummies!? I eventually started to take it as I thought I needed to trust my consultant, afterall he is the expert in my hospital for pre eclampsia problems during pregnancy.

Until just before my 7 week scan I felt normal, no signs of pregnancy, then all of a sudden the sickness started! And it wasn’t just morning it was afternoon, in the night, practically 24/7  this hit me hard as already this pregnancy was starting to make me feel like dejavu,  the morning sickness was the same with Lucas. I was bed bound I didn’t move unless it was to be sick, I was sick when I’d eaten nothing and drunk nothing, I wasn’t coping that’s for sure.

When the day for my scan came my wonderful mum took me (yes I had already told my mum from the word positive) I already felt awful due the the sickness but driving up to that hospital I had all sorts running through my mind. The last time I was here I was discussing what happened with Lucas,  now I’m here for a scan for another pregnancy, what if there is nothing there? That the sickness is all psychological. Then there is my worst fear of all what if the baby has no heartbeat. I had convinced myself for the worst, I have no idea why specifically but that was my mind set.

Before we had the scan we had to see a midwife first who asked a million questions like I was being interrogated! They have this way in early pregnancy unit to make you feel like you shouldn’t be there if you don’t have any bleeding or pain. So there I was having to go through what happened with Lucas and explain my whole life story to this woman who I felt did not need to know, in my eyes all she needed to know was that the consultant wanted me to have the early scan and that should justify why I was there. At this point I was very emotional thinking this isn’t a great start to this pregnancy already. The sonographer finally shouted my name and I felt like I was about to have a nervous breakdown, I lay there looking at the ceiling praying to myself for some good news when she turned the screen to show me this little blob with a little flicker in the middle, it’s heartbeat!  Of course after the build up I started to cry, it’s finally real, I’m pregnant!

7 weeks pregnant with gringo
7 weeks pregnant with gringo




5 thoughts on “The first scan

  1. I remember going in for my early scan and the first person we saw was a student who asked why I was there. I explained Mr Young and Sarah Lake had booked me in, normally enough to shut anyone up.
    Then, “is this your first pregnancy?” When I explained I had lost William at 34 weeks at the end of July and welled up a bit she cocks her head to one side and said ‘are you upset because this a bit soon for you to be pregnant again’.

    No, I’m thrilled I’m just bloody terrified!! I could have slapped her!!


    • Mr young is my consultant too are you at north staffs?! It’s bad enough having stupid comments from normal people but you would expect more from the professionals. I’ve told them I want to avoid going Into MAU as much as possible so I can avoid new midwifes and to try and stay in my bubble of professionals that are looking after me.


  2. I got here from Sands and I’ve finally got the strength to read your blog. I’m sorry your first scan experience was so terrible. If anyone else is reading this and worrying, It’s not always that way. My hospital were very good with us and asked if we’d prefer they read our notes rather than us having to explain. Of course we said yes to that.
    I think going in for our 6 week scan was worse than going in to deliver our son. It was so, so hard and I wept through the whole scan.


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